Nobody can guarantee the results in this field; however, it’s in our best interest to deliver them as we’d like to keep you as our client.

Send us an email describing your project. We will look over it and see whether we’ll be able to help you. You’ll get a reply via email within 48 hours. We can also communicate via WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. All of these services offer phone calls. We will set up a call after you decide to work with us.

Unfortunately, I’m only working with clients directly at this time.

The ad spend money (the money that you spend on ads directly) will be charged from your payment source on Facebook/Google. Our services only include the management fee.

At this time we’re not able to show results to everyone by request. You can see some screenshots on this page.

Everything that’s allowed by Facebook’s and Google’s Terms of Service.

We can help you with that. I have experience with WordPress and WooCommerce only, but we can try setting it up on Shopify. We do not work with any other platforms at this time.

Yes, I will be contacting you throughout the setup process if necessary.

We do not have people on our team who work with visuals or videos. We only offer management services and ad copy services. However, we can outsource creating of visuals.

We help primarily with on-page SEO. Such as picking the right keywords, creating meta descriptions, ALT-attributes for the pictures, etc.

We can install the website on your hosting, make sure you have the SSL certificates in place, install themes (free or paid), plugins (free or paid), and test and tweak the speed of your website.

We are not developers. We simply install, set up, and manage WordPress-based websites.

Yes, we do work with WooCommerce and can create an online store for you!

Our services start at $1000/mo for ad management,; however, it all depends on your budget. Send us an e-mail or chat with us, and we will let you know the cost of our services!